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ISO Lab Xenon Lamps Accelerated Aging Test Chamber Full Spectrum Xenon Aging Chamber Machines

ISO Lab Xenon Lamps Accelerated Aging Test Chamber Full Spectrum Xenon Aging Chamber Machines
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Detailed Product Description
STUDIO SIZE:95Dx95Wx90HcmBOX MATERIAL:Stainless Steel SUS304#
GAS PROCESSING:Dischager For Fector And Harmful GasUSE ENVIRONMENT:5°C~+30°C, ≤85%R.H

laboratory testing equipment

lab testing equipment


ISO Lab Xenon Lamps Accelerated Aging Test Chamber Full Spectrum Xenon Aging Chamber Machines 


Product introduction:


Sunlight, heat and moisture cause millions of dollars in product damage every year. Cracking, crazing, hazing, fading and yellowing can occur indoors or outdoors. With Full Spectrum Lab Xenon Aging Test Chamber ISO xenon lamps Accelerated Aging Chamber Machines, you can simulate the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight, temperature and moisture. In just a few days or weeks, Lab xenon lamps Accelerated Aging Test Chamber Machines can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors


It can test the accelerated aging of rubber, plastic, fabric, textile, metal and so on.
Key Features
Remarkably Simple User Interface
AUTOCAL Calibration
Full Spectrum Xenon Lamps
Long-Life Optical Filters
Programmable Water Spray
SOLAR EYE Irradiance Control
Precision Temperature Control
Versatile Specimen Mounting
Relative Humidity Control



Auxiliary Structure

Seal: double high-temperature high tensile seal between the door and the cabinet in order to ensure that the test area
Door handle: no reaction door handle, easier to operate
Moves the sample holder: Sample holder rely installation box at the bottom of the linear reciprocating drive system for moving up and down
Casters: bottom of the machine can be fixed with high quality PU wheels


Internal Dimension (W*D*H)800*800*800mm
External Dimension (W*D*H)1450*1500*2000mm
Inner chamber materialSUS 304 # Stainless Steel, Anti-rust, easy to clean
Outer chamber materialStainless steel
Chamber Temperature40±3
Temperature Uniformity≤3℃
Blank panel temperature65±3℃
Humidity Range50%-90%
Irradiated intensity0.35±0.02w/m²at 340nm
Xenon lamp power6.5KW water-cooled xenon lamp x 1pc
Control systemPLC controller, touch screen
Distance from specimen to arc center250~300mm, Effective exposure area 6400cm2
Max. Sample dimension200*90mm Thickness<20mm
FilterDaylight filter
Door sealSilicone rubber seal
Temperature sensorPT100 high precision temperature sensor
Air circulation systemStainless steel centrifugal rotor vane to improve the uniformity of temperature and humidity
Cooling ventilatorAutomatic controlled by temperature controller, and inner chamber cooled by refrigerating system
Cooling ventilatorFrance Tecumseh compressor
PowerAC380V, 50Hz, three phase
Safety Protection

Over heat protection for fan,

Over load protection for cooling system,

Over pressure protection for cooling system,

Over temperature protection,

Over heat and over flow protection for water pump,

Leakage protection, Water shortage protection,

Auto stop after failure warning


Simple to Maintain
We believe that just because a product is technical, it doesn’t have to be hard to understand or difficult to maintain and repair. Instead of complicating our tester designs by loading them with extra or unnecessary features, we put our engineering effort into keeping things simple. Subsystems are modular, easy to troubleshoot and even easier to replace.
Full Spectrum Xenon Aging Chamber ISO xenon lamps Accelerated Aging Chamber are extremely simple to operate. Specimen mounting and evaluations are simplified with specially designed specimen holders. Programming is intuitive. All models are completely automated and can operate continuously, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Simple to Afford
Full Spectrum Xenon Aging Chamber ISO xenon lamps Accelerated Aging Chamber were specifically designed to have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Their low purchase price, low lamp price, and low operating costs set a new standard for lightfastness testing. Now even the smallest lab can afford xenon arc weathering and lightstability testing.

Xenon lamp aging chamber maintenance and maintenance

1, any time to maintain a neat appearance;
2. Do not place objects on top of the machine to heat parts of Lima Da and control;
3, xenon lamp aging chamber after long-term use, spare parts, motor blower unit, wheel deceleration devices, if abnormal noise, should be checked, and pay attention to regular cleaning fuel;
4, electrical components such as over-temperature phenomena, must be checked immediately causes;
5, after each use, a xenon lamp aging test chamber should be kept clean to prevent corrosion;
6, the control cabinet clean-up once a month to prevent excessive dust, affecting the normal operation of equipment;
7. After the test is complete, you should turn off the main power, water stains wipe clean indoor work, try to keep the chamber in a dry environment;
8, the electrical components on the control panel, such as the need to exchange failure occurs, Do not indiscriminate demolition ensure xenon lamp aging chamber life.

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